Free Kitten

In September 2020, in the midst of global pandemic J and some friends accepted ownership of this free 1960 Rhodes ranger 29′ in Massachusetts. With winter incumbent and a pandemic raging a crew of punks set off down the eastern seaboard towards Florida and the future.


“Narwhal’s a 1970’s Bristol 24: a beamy, full-keel pocket cruiser. She’s a fiberglass sloop with 6′ headroom below, sleeps 5 and has a wood or coal burning camp stove for cold nights. 

I bought her in 2018 while visiting a friend in Maine. I got a ton of help and learned a lot fixing the things she needed. We sailed the Maine coast from August to October, living in Belfast harbor for a bit. In 2019, we could only sail on weekends, stowing cars, calling friends or hitching hiking back each Sunday. All together, I  made it from Belfast to Mount Dessert Island that year. 

Covid kept us apart In 2020, but I’ll be back in 2021. I’d like to make it to the Brother’s islands.”



Micromegas is a 43′ french built, 1972 steel hulled ‘Etac’ sloop.  Alice and Vianca were backpacking together in Venezuela when they found Micromegas  sitting in a slip, unmaintained for several years. They spoke with the late owner’s son in France and with his blessing decided to go ahead and salvage the boat. They had to leave Venezuela right away and spent the next few years sailing, fixing and learning about their boat in the eastern Caribbean before beginning a huge refit in a shipyard in Cartagena Colombia. After surviving the heroic stint in the boatyard , these inspirational ladies have been cruising though Colombia, Panama, Belize, Cuba, Caribbean Mexico and Guatemala, where Micromegas has spent two summers.


Maddie is a 31-ft Grampian from the 60’s who has been sailing the Pacific Northwest the past few years and dreams of warmer waters. Herself and her skipper Angi,  love exploring alone but always love having crew and/or company as well. They will be based in Alaska for the next little whilmaddiee and always looking to make new friends.


Vahevala the second ladyboat Sihaya has owned, sailed, and lived-aboard in the San Francisco Bay area with her dog Hominy. Vahevala is a re20180518_231231al ocean-boat, she is a 30′ Rawson design sloop, built in 1964 she is beamy and strong with plenty of sail area.

Sihaya single-hands her and sails her with friends all over the bay. She also happily travels regularly away to work on different kinds of boats and sail with friends on their boats. If you are in the area Sihaya often needs help on her maintenance projects and would love a hand!

La Concha

La Concha is a 27′ 1974 van der statd design steel sloop. Over three years, Tifenn and her dog Imenn crossed the atlantic with a friend and then Cruised the Caribbean with a group of 5 ladyfriends. They spent time in Martenique, Venezuela and Colombia. Now Tifenn has been given a bigger boat La Nymphe and La Concha is in Chichime, San Blas, Panama, she is without a working motor and needs a lot of repairs. La Concha needs a new captiana and is awaiting her forever-ladyhome/ ladyboat captain. If anyone is interested Tifenn will give you the boat, but it need to moved and dealt with as soon as possible. If you decide you want to take on the la Concha project, there a re a number of ladyboats and steel boats  (including Tifenn) working on our projects nearby so you wont be alone!


After Crossing the Atlantic and cruising the Caribbean with her dog, her chicken, her duck, and her friends in the 27′ steel sloop La Concha, Tifenn was recently given the 1948 steel sloop Nymphe by two Belgian guys who no longer had time for her.  Nymphe has a huge beautiful running 1948 diesel engine and is in Linton Panama with a brand new mainsail, a paint-job and just a few holes in the cockpit but was a regular sight in Kuna Yala the last few years.

As of 2020 Nymphe is not being used and would be gladly donated to a new lady capitana if there was one interested in taking on this legacy boat.

Judy Ann’s Revenge

Judy Ann’s Revenge is an Albin Vega 27′ and the fourth boat Meghan has shared with her partner and dogs. For the next while Meghan will be cruising on JAR out of north Florida, single handing, playing music, exercising her sailing superpowers and sailing with friends until she decides whether to head for greener waters on Judy Ann’s Revenge or find JAR a new ladyhome.

North Wind

IMG_2643 (1)North Wind is a Trintella, a 29ft longkeeler with fibreglass hull and wooden bulkhead, built in 1974. Shelley bought her in The Netherlands in 2008 and started preparing the boat for ocean passages. In 2010 she set sail and spent 3 years cruising fulltime, crossing the Atlantic Ocean single-handedly and exploring the Caribbean islands.
In 2013 boat & skipper landed in Bonaire and decided to make this beautiful island their new (part-time) home. North Wind was left in Bonaire so Shelley could work in The Netherlands during the summer, escaping the cold & wet Dutch winters working remote from the boat in Bonaire.
After 5 years in Bonaire both the boat and her skipper grew restless: it was time to start sailing again! March 2018 they finally set sail to cross to the San Blas Islands. Panama is their new (part-time) home now, with lots of beautiful islands and jungle coasts to be explored during the next winters.



Caelum is a 36′ hutton steel sloop, built in 1979 Nanaimo British Columbia. He is Kate’s second bad-ass live-aboard Ladyboat. He is a high-latitude no-nonsense DIY adventure boat based in Haida Gwaii on the northwest coast of British Colombia. If anyone is in the area Kate would love to go sailing and fishing with you! She would also love help with rustbusting and interior design!