One World

The Schooner  One World is a 64 foot steel brigantine schooner.  She is a one of a kind traditional sailing vessel designed by Tom Colvin and built 1984 in Ontario, Canada. Since 2011 she has been the all-consuming project, the life, the home and a successful charter business for Rachele and Ariel.


R&A are two of the most bad-ass sisters on the high seas. These girls never fail to have the biggest anchor for a raft-up-work-party, the coldest beers in the afternoon, and the wingnuttyest ideas.  They are always up for adventures and have a hellava ship  to pull them off.

After 7 years working in the Caribbean but mostly Panama these Ladies are ready for something new.  In the coming year they are hoping to band together with a fleet of ladyboats and storm the pacific…


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