La Concha

La Concha is a 27′ 1974 van der statd design steel sloop. Over three years, Tifenn and her dog Imenn crossed the atlantic with a friend and then Cruised the Caribbean with a group of 5 ladyfriends. They spent time in Martenique, Venezuela and Colombia. Now Tifenn has been given a bigger boat La Nymphe and La Concha is in Chichime, San Blas, Panama, she is without a working motor and needs a lot of repairs. La Concha needs a new captiana and is awaiting her forever-ladyhome/ ladyboat captain. If anyone is interested Tifenn will give you the boat, but it need to moved and dealt with as soon as possible. If you decide you want to take on the la Concha project, there a re a number of ladyboats and steel boats  (including Tifenn) working on our projects nearby so you wont be alone!

2 thoughts on “La Concha

  1. This boat is probably long gone but I had to ask! 😆

    My name is Janine. You may have seen my mug on the Humans of New York post that went viral a few months ago…”I’m in NYC and I’m ducking sailing!”


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